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Help support the people of Nepal

The earthquakes that have ravaged Nepal have had a massive impact on the Nepalese people. The death toll from the two quakes, the first on April 25th and the second on 12th May now stands at 8,583. The is now the highest in Nepal’s history. Dozens of people are still missing which mean the death toll will rise, leaving families devastated by the loss of loved ones. Unfortunately we can’t change the these numbers however we can help the survivors by raising funds to rebuild and provide much needed health services.

Dr Floyd Gomes. Together with my wife, Nathalie, have set up “Atticus Health”, a brand of medical clinics located in Melbourne, Australia, that seek to promote health, not only of individuals, but within the communities in which they operate. They see medicine, primarily as a humanitarian pursuit.

On an international scale, they consider Nepal as being part of our larger community. The earthquakes that have ravaged Nepal have led to massive human sufferring and Atticus Health would like to help. A Doctor who used to work with them, Dr Mahima Adhikary (who is in fact Nepalese), has travelled to Nepal to physically help there. The Atticus Nepal Trust (ANT) aims to provide an ongoing source of financial help to rebuild Nepal, over time – which it will take.

The money raised from ANT will be sent directly to Dr Mahima Adhikary. She is a well respected and most trustworthy Doctor. From Dr Adhikary, it is expected that all monies will go directly towards helping the people of Nepal, in this case, by way of purchase of medical equipment and related health supplies.

UYCH is happy to support this charity and believes that with your support we can help them meet their target of $50,000.

For further information visit the Atticus Health Facebook page

To make a donation online please click here

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