Image of aged care students with Linda - Newly General Manager

Aged care, the new booming industry

The aged care sector is one of the largest growing industries because we have an ageing population. Statistics show that the percentage of the people over 65 years old is predicted to increase by 18 per cent in the next five years. Based on this information you can confidently say that this industry is on the rise, which means more jobs for qualified aged care providers.

Trevor Carr (CEO – Leading Age Services Australia – Victoria LASA) said that “In the next 10 years we are talking about 60,000 more residential care places and infrastructure investment of $30 billion. An additional 30,000 home care places will be required, and when combined with residential growth this will create more than 80,000 additional jobs,”

We have already witnessed an increase of students this year and new aged care facilities being built to accommodate the growing ageing population.

As unemployment rises, people are looking for new career choices which offer job stability and satisfaction. One of the main reasons people decide to enter this profession is due to flexibility is hours and knowing that their contribution has helped people in going about their daily lives.

UYCH Community College and Newly Professional Carers have partnered together to maximise employment outcomes for graduates. Graduates who complete Certificate III in Aged Care and Home and Community Care CHC30212/CHC30312 will have access to to Newly services.

“Newly is very excited to work with UYCH in providing exciting career pathways for those looking to enter the aged care workforce, or even update their skill set.” Tony Pedroso – Newly Communications Manager.

“Once our students graduate they will have the option to meet with Newly who will help them with the next step, finding employment. This means UYCH can offer a complete pathway in this growing industry.” Alison Forbes – UYCH Community College Education and Family Services Manager 

Image of Alison - UYCH Education and Family Services Manager with Linda - Newly General Manager

Linda Meagher (Newly) and Alison Forbes (UYCH)

Our students were given a presentation by Linda Meagher (Newly – General Manager) on the services they provide and feedback we received was very positive. Many students commented on how hard it is to gain employment so having a service that will assist them in this area is a huge benefit.

This is an exciting time for UYCH and our students. Our aim is to provide the best in education and with Newly helping our graduates find employment our aged care pathway is complete.

If you would like to know more about our education services in aged and community care, click here.

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