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Keith’s Story – passing year 12

Prior to attending Yarra Valley Community School (YVCS) I was in mainstream schooling. At that school I only got along with three teachers and a handful of students. I used to get bullied there and the teachers wouldn’t help me when I asked.
In year 10 I came to YVCS, which gave me a chance to start over and grow. I was nervous at the start but what made it easier was that I had been doing my automotive certificate there so I already knew a couple of kids which was helpful.

In the beginning I lacked so much motivation and it wasn’t until the 2nd year that I realised that you can’t just mess around because the work won’t get done by itself.
I feel like I really matured at this point. YVCS helped me grow and it provided with a place to be safe and be away from the negative things that I encountered at mainstream school.

Around this time my dad kicked me out of his house and this school gave me all the support I needed.
This was the motivation I needed to make change in my life for the better. In making that change I passed year 12 which I think will make a huge impact on my life. I knuckled down and did so much work that I didn’t even believe I could achieve when I started. It was great to have my teachers believe in me and keep pushing me.
Even though I had a rough year, I think it’s one of the best years I have had at any school. I also feel like I have contributed to something. I thank the whole school for helping me grow. I learned things that I wouldn’t have learnt anywhere else. They gave me a place to be safe and to be myself.

Keith’s story is just one of many that the Yarra Valley Community School has inspired. If you would like to know more about our youth education services and VCAL programs click here.

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