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Fun with Mathematics

Mathematics is a skill that everybody uses in their everyday lives. We use these skills to purchase groceries, cook a cake, and even to work out the right amount of paint when doing some DIY. Whether it is a part of your working life or to complete that everyday task at home, mathematics is definitely something we cannot avoid and is a skill that is best practised and learnt when young.

Lysa Smart, Childcare Director and Rebecca Clark, Preschool Teacher from Cire Children’s Services, Yarra Junction, were lucky enough to be invited to attend the Let’s Count Program, which was offered by The Smith Family who provides training on mathematics in the early years’ education sector. The program supports educators by providing strong mathematics concepts throughout the educational setting. Starting from nursery and leading up to kindergarten, as well as giving the educators tools to assist those families, who may have in the past experienced mathematics as a scary concept and to help to re-introduce the importance of mathematic skills into people’s everyday lives.

Some of the mathematical concept skills used are: counting through games, puzzles, books and songs; such as The Hungry Caterpillar and Ten in the Bed. Another is the exploration of measurement, weight and height. This can be achieved by exploring with blocks to construct a building, making play dough, creating shapes, pattern making, sorting with beads and much more.

“It opened my thinking process about how many mathematical concepts are in our everyday lives. I feel confident that our curriculum can support mathematic concepts in order to provide the children with the tools to succeed in primary school”. – Lysa Smart Family and Children’s Services Director Yarra Junction 

The suggestions and materials supplied by The Smith Family assisted in building new ways of thinking about mathematics and potentially extending the learning opportunities for the children attending childcare.

Here at Cire children are offered opportunities to explore these concepts through a play based learning environment as well as through teaching sessions where educators explore ideas and methods used by the children. We are able to use this fun way of learning to help the child achieve a specific outcome and help to expand their skills in mathematics.

“The Let’s Count program offered great ideas and opened my mind to thinking mathematically. I feel that I am now more prepared to use correct terms with the children and have a better understanding of how to prepare them for school”. Rebecca Clarke Pre-school

In August Cire Children’s Services will be hosting an open evening with the main focus being mathematics. Understanding and learning the processes, aiding families to encourage maths in their home environment and reaffirm the importance it plays in our lives. The evening will be chance for families to meet our educators and take a tour of the facilities.

If you would like further information on Cire Children’s Centre or our kindergarten program, click here to learn more, or you can contact to organise a tour on 1300 835 235.

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