Cire staff with a Child

Cire Staff Raising Funds for the Fires

With bushfires burning across Australia, communities are in crisis and in desperate need of support. Firefighters and volunteers have made such huge sacrifices to protect the land, the people and the animals. While those outside the fire region often feel helpless, we know that even the smallest acts of kindness and help can make a difference.

Cire and its employees have dug deep to show our support through donations to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. In January 2020, Cire put the call out to our staff, with the offer to process donations directly through payroll. Stepping up to the plate, our employees personally contributed $600, which Cire matched with an additional $600, donating a total of $1,200 to support fire-afflicted communities.

Our Children’s Services and Hubs team ran a Funky Hair fundraiser, asking for gold coin donations in exchange for a fun new ‘do, which resulted in an additional donation of $250 to the Appeal. We aren’t sure who had more fun with this fundraiser- the children or our staff!

Cire has also committed to developing an Environment and Sustainability Policy in 2020. This policy will be focused on ensuring our carbon footprint is minimised, through everyday practices and larger initiatives, with the aim of contributing to the reversal of the damaging effects of climate change.

We hope the funds raised by those in Australia and around the world relieves some of the stress caused by the damage of the fires for individuals and families. We hope the firefighters and volunteers are provided with the equipment, supplies and support they need to continue performing their essential, valuable work within their communities. We hope the animals who have been hurt or are suffering, are given the help and relief they need.

Our thoughts and thanks go to all of those impacted by the bushfires and involved in the relief efforts.

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