Toilet paper donation delivers much joy

Toilet paper donation delivers much joy

Who’d ever thought a gift of toilet paper would bring joy to the faces of so many people.

That’s been the case in the Yarra Ranges where Cire distributed hundreds of packs of toilet

Cire Vacation Care - Woori Yallock

Mum Kiah and child Tasma (YOSHC and Woori Vacation Care) with Quilton

paper on behalf of Quilton as part of its coronavirus campaign to support people most in need during the unprecedented paper shortage when commodities such as toilet paper were like ‘gold’.

The gesture certainly brightened the days of people ranging from families where there has been the loss of employment and with children unable to comprehend the need to limit their use of certain items;  to elderly people and those experiencing the challenges of mental health issues and have been too scared to leave their homes to shop for basics.

One family with four children was ‘over the moon’ when presented with two packs of toilet paper whilst an elderly woman, living on her own and relying on others to shop for her, said her neighbours had each given her a roll to ensure she had some supply but it was ‘worrying’.

Quilton was quick to launch a campaign to donate 1,000,000 rolls of toilet paper to those Australians who needed it most, in response to the initial panic buying and paper shortage crisis.

Cire was linked up with Quilton through its valued partnership with by Good360, a not for profit that receives surplus new goods from companies and manufacturers and distributes them to registered charities to ensure they reach the people most in need. Cire, and the communities it serves, has benefitted enormously from the Good360 network.

‘It’s been our absolute pleasure to help communities throughout the Yarra Ranges. Cire is uniquely local and has a long and established reputation and history in the region and that’s why we chose Cire to help distribute the toilet paper to those who needed it most, the elderly and the disadvantaged,’ said Quilton Campaign Spokesperson, Matthew Ngai.

Morgans Winery and Distillery at Seville

Michele and Simon Gunther, owners of Morgans Winery and Distillery at Seville

In a further act of COVID kindness, Cire received much-appreciated support from Morgans Winery and Distillery at Seville in the form of hand sanitiser, one of the ‘new golds’ in this C-19 environment. Morgans has been producing the sanitiser to help meet demand, as well as provide ongoing employment for its team.

The hand sanitiser is essential particularly for Cire Children’s Services which has continued to remain open, and Cire Community School which now has some students attending its Mount Evelyn campus.

Cire Children’s Services operates long daycare with integrated kindergarten programs, and occasional care, providing vital support for parents particularly those working in essential services. The availability and regular use of hand sanitiser and regular disinfecting of all areas help minimise any risk of C-19, helps reassure and instill confidence in all our users and also fosters a culture of safe practice.

Cire CEO, Gus Seremetis said it is tremendous to see how people are reaching out and supporting each other in such challenging times, and in all shapes and forms.

‘Cire feels privileged to receive any form of assistance that helps us to continue to deliver services to those most in need, to the best of our ability, and in the safest possible way for both our staff and users,’ she said.

 “We particularly value our ongoing partnerships with organisations such as Good360 which normally distributes surplus new products to NFPs but is sourcing items in high demand to help provide relief where it is most needed.”

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