My experiences with Cire

My experiences with Cire

Hi, I’m Irene, currently studying Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care with Cire. I am from the Philippines and moved to Australia four years ago. I have a Certificate III in Individual Support and currently, work as a personal care assistant for an aged care facility in the Yarra Valley.

After some time working in the field, I wanted to expand my career options so enrolled for Certificate III Early Childhood Education. Why this course? Because I’ve always had a passion for working with and relating to children and have dreamt of becoming an early childhood educator. Why Cire? Because Cire’s local; the course cost is reasonable; the class size is small; delivery is flexible and Cire was very helpful and accommodating when I enquired about the course.

I am confident a career in childcare will be rewarding and worthwhile and I am confident about future employment opportunities in the sector. According to an article published by Rhianon Gent in on the 19th December 2019

“Childcare is an incredibly fast-growing industry. It’s estimated that there are likely to be a whopping 184,000 job openings in childcare over the next 5 years. This is most likely due to the growing population and the increasing demand for both parents to return to work after maternity leave.”

 I believe I have been successful in the course so far by submitting assignments on time and getting through the first two sets of placements. Our trainer has a friendly and approachable personality and teaching style and Cire provides excellent resources for the course which greatly benefits the class and enhance learning.

My main challenges have been overcoming my nervousness during placement and building my confidence so I can express my thoughts and participate better in the class

Due to COVID-19, we transitioned from face-to-face classes to online delivery. It was a bit overwhelming at first and I was worried because I didn’t have home internet. I have surprised myself with how well I have coped. Cire has done a tremendous job in transitioning to online delivery and the support from our trainer has been amazing.

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