Bunnings Trade Skills for Teens

Mt Evelyn students recently had an incredible opportunity to take part in Bunnings’ Trade Skills for Teens program. This three-week program allowed participants to gain hands-on experience and learn basic building skills in a fun, engaging, and rewarding way.

As part of the program, students had the chance to tour the Croydon Bunnings store, meet with specialists and the expert team, and try out a range of different power tools. Throughout the program, participants voted on which flat pack they wanted to build and which community group they wanted to donate the assembled products to. They all agreed to build doghouses for Pawsome Friends, a local not-for-profit community group that saves dogs and cats from pounds and shelters within Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

It’s no secret that animals have a profound impact on our emotional and physical well-being. This fact was particularly meaningful for students who are passionate about helping a charity close to their hearts. Research has shown that working with animals, even in simple ways like petting a dog or playing with a cat, can reduce stress and anxiety while simultaneously creating feelings of love and protection. But the benefits extend far beyond just emotional support. Working with animals can also provide much-needed physical activity, improve concentration and sleep, and even help boost motivation levels. For anyone looking to impact their community, supporting an animal-related charity is a great place to start.

Through their involvement in the program, the students were able to develop a range of skills that will be useful for them in the future. The opportunity to work collaboratively allowed them to develop their teamwork and communication skills, while the hands-on nature of the program helped them to develop practical skills that they can apply in any situation. However, the most rewarding aspect of the program was that the students were able to create something meaningful and personal to them. The chance to take home their own tool belt was a tangible reminder of their achievements and a symbol of the hard work and dedication that they had put into the program. Overall, it was a fantastic experience that left a lasting impression on all those who participated.

“We had a blast, especially when building the doghouse. The best part was knowing it would benefit Pawsome Friends. I mean, who wouldn’t want to lend a hand to dogs in need, right?” Year 9 Student Yarra Junction campus

Overall, the Trade Skills for Teens program was an amazing opportunity for these students to develop their trade skills and contribute to the community.

“I think their main takeaway was gaining experience with new tools, some of which they had never used before. Additionally, they acquired new skills and had the opportunity to collaborate in diverse teams.” Karen Swankie, VET Careers & Pathways Leader

We want to extend a big thank you to the amazing team at Croydon Bunnings for making this program such a hit with our students.

If you have students looking to learn some useful trade skills in a fun and engaging way. The Trade Skills for Teens program has been a huge success, with rave reviews and impressive outcomes. If you’re interested in getting involved, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ali or Georgia at 9722 4500 or croydonao@bunnings.com.au for more information.

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