Empowering Early School Leavers

Every year, a significant number of students choose to leave school before completing their formal education. While this decision may be influenced by various factors such as personal circumstances, academic challenges, or career aspirations, it does not mean the end of their educational journey. Early school leavers have the opportunity to transition to accredited training programs that can equip them with valuable skills and open doors to a promising future.

Accredited training programs provide a structured and supportive environment for early school leavers to gain practical skills and knowledge that are directly applicable to the workforce. As a registered training organisation (RTO), Cire delivers a range of courses, preparing graduates to work in high-demand industries, including Hospitality/Tourism, Education Support, Early Childhood, Aged Care, Disability Support, and Community Services.  Many accredited training programs are stepping stones to further education and career advancement, opening doors to higher-level courses or more specialised training.

Our quality trainers with ongoing industry experience ensure that students are learning practical skills that are in demand, increasing the chances of early school leavers finding gainful employment. Lessons are delivered with hands-on training and skill development, allowing individuals to acquire valuable competencies in their chosen fields.  Combining practical learning with theory-based assessments sets students up for placement opportunities to build on their knowledge with workplace experience.

Beyond job-specific skills, accredited training fosters personal growth, enhancing confidence and motivation. This can be particularly important for early school leavers who may have experienced setbacks in their academic journeys. Unlike a traditional classroom environment, accredited training often comes with flexible schedules and learning options, accommodating the diverse needs of early school leavers who may have work or family commitments.

Transitioning from early school leaving to accredited training is a significant step towards an exciting future. It empowers individuals to acquire practical skills, gain confidence, and improve their employability. Early school leavers should be encouraged to explore the wealth of accredited training options available to them, as these programs offer opportunities for further education and career success. With determination and the right support, early school leavers can overcome challenges and build fulfilling careers that align with their passions and aspirations.

What next?… Questions for school leavers to consider.

Transitioning from early school leaving to accredited training may seem daunting, but it can be a transformative experience. Here are steps to help early school leavers make a smooth transition:

  • What are your interests, strengths, and career goals? This will help you choose a training program that aligns with your aspirations.
  • How do you study best? Explore the accredited training programs available in your area or online. Online, classroom, and Work-Based models offer various options that can fit your learning style.
  • Are there costs involved? Many programs offer financial assistance to eligible students. Investigate government funding, financial aid options, scholarships, and grants to help cover the costs of training programs.  When discussing course fees, be sure to confirm any exclusions or hidden costs (uniform, administration costs, etc.).
  • What is the enrolment process? Once you’ve chosen a course, it’s time to complete the enrolment process. You may also be required to complete a Language, Literacy, Numeracy & Digital (LLND) assessment- don’t panic! This task aims for your trainers to confirm your learning needs before commencement, which will help them support you. If you are under 17, a ‘School Exit form’ will be needed to confirm that you are no longer enrolled in Secondary School.  For students under 18, a parent/ guardian is required to co-sign documents. Be sure to meet all admission requirements and deadlines.
  • Time to succeed! Stay committed to your studies. Attend classes, complete assignments on time, and actively engage with instructors and fellow students. Cire Training offers additional support, including Study for Success groups twice a week- these can be a great way to stay on track.
  • Build your network. Placement hours help you build a network within your chosen industry and lead to employment opportunities. Networking can include attending workshops and conferences or joining relevant online communities.  These contacts can provide valuable insights into your sector and add to your toolbox of information to support clients and the broader community.

With Cire Training, it’s easy to get started and get access to the right courses and qualifications that open up new opportunities. At Cire Training, we recognise that everyone’s needs differ, so our learning programs are tailored and flexible. We provide one-on-one support throughout the duration of the course so learners feel empowered to expand their knowledge in their chosen field. Whether you’re seeking employment or an apprenticeship/traineeship in one of these specialities, Cire has something for everyone. Click here to learn more about starting your journey today.