Shooting Hoops set in concrete – Part II

Cire Children’s Centre at Yarra Junction were recently given an opportunity to upgrade the playground area with the addition of a brand new basketball ring and concrete court. This upgrade has given our kids a fantastic space to practice their shooting, dribbling and bouncing skills and as an extra bonus; a fun place to play down ball, hop-scotch and to be creative with chalk drawings.

Cire Children's Services - shooting hoopsThe children were so excited to see this project completed and were quick to make use of the new space. There have been so many benefits in gaining this new court; from safety in the playground to creating new friendships through play, with the older children teaching the younger ones new skills. Providing a safe area for our children to play basketball more effectively and allowing the balls to bounce consistently without rolling off down the hill or becoming covered in mud and getting the kids covered in dirt, not that they minded too much.

Ball games are now played all the time on the flat hard surface free of obstacles such as bumps, rocks and mud. When the children are engaging in a safe game of basketball they are learning life skills such as sharing, perseverance, accepting victory and defeat graciously, becoming a team player and overcoming obstacles. Many of the children come from different schools and this area has encouraged them to play together with the opportunity to form new friendships. They have gained a space that helps them spend their time in the sun in a fun and exciting environment.

We asked the children what they thought of the new space and this is what they had to say…

“I like the concrete better than the mud, because it helps the ball bounce better.” (Sam aged 6)

“I like the new basketball area because it is now easier to bounce the ball. The ball didn’t bounce before and sometimes it would pop because of the rocks on the ground.” (Peter aged 9)

“The concrete is harder than the mud and you can play basketball better .” (Riley aged 8)

The children’s responses show us that they are pleased with the new area. The basketball court has provided a harder, more weather appropriate area that can be played on all year round.

Physical activity is large part of Cire’s outside school hours care program. We encourage children to be active in play and learning. Having this new facility will play a big part in the wellbeing of each child and we would like to thank the Upper Yarra Community Enterprise for their generous donation.

We now all look forward seeing the children engage together, having fun, gaining opportunities to play in their new space.

Shooting Hoops in concrete Part I blog article

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Upper Yarra Community Enterprise

Shooting hoops set in concrete

New Basketball Court for Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Yarra Junction

Cire Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) service at Yarra Junction will soon receive an upgrade to their basketball playing area due to the generosity of Upper Yarra Community Enterprise. The Community Enterprise operates the Yarra Junction and Warburton Bendigo Bank branches. Cire Family and Children’s Services Director, Lysa Smart, and Cire Sponsorship and Fundraising Coordinator, Amy Sheridan, attended the Upper Yarra Community Enterprise sponsorship presentation in Warburton recently to receive a cheque for this project to get underway at Cire’s Little Yarra Road campus.

“Providing funding for the basketball concrete pad was a great opportunity for us to support and encourage children to be outside and have fun while being active. The outside school hours program at Cire is an essential and high quality service to our community and it’s great to know the children will be now be able to play regardless of the weather, and on a flat surface. We’re sure there are many future stars among them.”Jaqui Hall Bendigo Bank Community Enterprise

Cire Family and Children’s Services was successful in receiving sponsorship to create a new concreted basketball area for the children. This project will encourage children to participate in being active and healthy after school, enhance social inclusion and team involvement; and also broaden their basketball skills. There is a huge emphasis on promoting physical activity in children these days so by providing them with a safe, fun space to run, play and stretch their legs means the children can continue to be encouraged by Cire educators to get active.

“Physical activity is such an important part of every child’s growth and encourages good modelling for later life in creating healthy lifestyles. Being that we care for children after school, it is important that we can provide these children with an appropriate space to get active.” Lysa Smart, Director Cire Family and Children’s Services Yarra Junction.

The importance of providing activities and space for children to be physically active means Cire staff can help promote health and development, improve cardiovascular fitness, improve balance, coordination and strength, as well as help further develop strong, healthy muscles, bones and joints; which is important to their overall growth. Interpersonal skills are developed and enhanced through participation in team sports.

Cire OSHC staff are so excited the children will be able to safely enjoy their ball sports once their new court has been constructed within the next couple of months. They can’t wait for this new space to be completed.

“Our aim was to provide a space for the children to continue to better their basketball skills and we are thrilled to be able to improve the space for the children to do this and improve our services.” Lysa Smart.

Cire Family and Children’s Services appreciates the continued support from the Upper Yarra Community Enterprise which in turn helps our community by providing them with high quality care.

Stay tuned for project updates.

Exceeding - National Quality StandardCire Family and Children’s Services outside school hours care (Yarra Junction) is proud to announce the achievement of receiving an  Exceeding Rating from Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority.

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Wheelchair basketball to celebrate NYW

On Friday the 15th April students from Mt Evelyn and Yarra Junction Yarra Valley Community School (YVCS) campuses participated in a Wheelchair Basketball workshop funded by the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments for National Youth Week (NYW).

The workshop was supported and organised by Alice Hammond from Basketball Victoria. Alice arranged for Shelly Chaplin to run the workshop for both groups.

Students completed a tour of the 2 year old State Basketball Centre in Wantirna South prior to starting the workshop. The facility will have an additional 6 Courts in the years to come. One of the Courts can seat 1500 spectators.

Shelly introduced herself to the students and explained how she came to be in a wheelchair and to play basketball. Shelly stated

“I couldn’t make a goal the first time I tried, it took a few years to build up”. The athletes undertake a lot of shoulder work and regularly participate in rehabilitation programs to support their bodies”.

When asked what Shelly finds the most enlightening in running workshops she replied

“Seeing all the able bodied people get in the chairs and seeing it bring them all to the same level of ability”.

About Shelly

Shelley Chaplin (born 4 September 1984) is an Australian 3.5-point player wheelchair basketball player. She participated in the 2004 Summer Paralympics in Athens, where she won a silver medal; in the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing, where she won a bronze medal, and the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London, where she won a second silver medal.

Chaplin began playing wheelchair basketball in 1999, and made her debut in the BL championship Dandenong Ranges sides in 2011 and 2012. She was first selected for the Australia women’s national wheelchair basketball team, known as the Gliders, in 2001, and first represented Australia in 2002, winning a bronze medal as part of the team at the 2002 World Wheelchair Basketball Championship. She played for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign wheelchair basketball team, and was named an All-American in the 2006/07 season. Her team won the national championships in 2009.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience, here is what some of them had to say.

“Shelly was very inspirational” – Bec

“I am determined to get a Three today” – Todd

“It was good, it was hard” – Corey

“It was so hard” – Landon

“It was a great experience for both students and staff, thanks –  Mark Hunt VCAL Coordinator

About National Youth Week

NYW is an annual, week long celebration of young people (aged 12-25) throughout Australia. A time to celebrate and recognise the value of all young Australians to their communities. NYW is the largest celebration of young people on the Australian youth calendar.

It is a joint initiative of the Australian, State, Territory and Local Governments. It gives you an opportunity to express your ideas and views, and act on issues that affect your lives. It also lets you have a lot of fun.

YVCS received a grant as part of this program which funded our wheelchair basketball workshop.

We would like to thank all the people involved in making the day a success, this includes Shelley Chaplin, The State Basketball Centre, Alice Hammond (Basketball Victoria) and the Victorian Government for their support and help in organising this event.