Embark on a rewarding new career in Individual Support!

Would you like to embark on a career that allows you to change people’s lives for the better? Do you pride yourself on your compassion, ability to empathize and your desire to help others?

Do you want to work in a rewarding, growing industry that can offer you employment opportunities, job security and flexible working arrangements?

Undertaking study in Individual Support doesn’t just qualify you to become a carer: it provides you with the skills you need to play a vital role in your clients’ unique life stories. You will care for people during their most vulnerable moments and sit with them through difficult times. Your companionship will help prevent the social isolation that has been identified as a cause of numerous health issues, both physical and psychological. You will provide your clients with the support they need to face their personal challenges and you’ll become part of the rich tapestry of our local community.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistic’s Labour Force Survey, there will be over 250,000 employment opportunities in Healthcare and Social Assistance by 2023, with a 39% increase in Aged and Disability Carer roles. Census data identifies Aged Care Residential Services as a major industry of employment across the Yarra Ranges. Opportunities in the field will only continue to increase, with the number of people requiring some form of care projected to double by 2050.

Working in Individual Support is about more than just job security and industry growth. Your work will also be enriching, varied and interesting. Forget spending 9am-5pm stuck behind a desk! One day you might be assisting clients with mobility and daily activities, the next you could be organising social events and accompanying them out-and-about. You will become familiar with your client’s personalities, quirks, behaviours and empower them to make the improvements they need to live their lives to the fullest.

Cire’s Certificate III in Individual Support offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and 120 hours of practical, hands-on work placement. You will learn the foundational skills required to work safely and recognize health body systems, feel confident working closely with a diverse range of people, and be able to provide high-quality individualized care. You will be able to communicate with health-care professionals and monitor your client’s wellbeing. Based on your choice of electives, you may also learn to facilitate the empowerment of older people, provide dementia support and develop the knowledge required to work with a palliative approach.

Here at Cire, we believe in choice. We want you to have control over your own learning and future pathways. With this in mind, we’ve developed three different learning streams within the Certificate III. You can choose to specialize in Home and Community Care, Aged Care or Disability depending on your desired career outcome. You can also decide to study all three, giving yourself a broad general knowledge that will allow you to pursue a variety of roles.

A qualification in Individual Support provides a range of job opportunities, depending on your chosen learning stream. Upon graduating, you may find yourself working as an aged care support worker, a personal care attendant, a residential worker or in respite care.

The Certificate III runs across 7 months at our Yarra Junction Campus, with new enrolments being accepted throughout 2020. Our courses include a mix of classroom sessions, work placement and self-directed learning.

We’ll be running free information sessions, aiming to provide you with everything you need to make the right decision when it comes to enrolling in a qualification. These will cover the courses offered by Cire Training, future career pathways and more!

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Do you control your possessions or do they control you?

The role of a Cire In Home Carer is often diverse and challenging, with tasks ranging from general house cleaning, assisting with grocery shopping, personal care, meal preparation and respite for family carers. However, there are other ways that Cire carers support people in their own homes.


Cire In Home Carers sometimes enter a person’s home and there are personal items everywhere, often starting from the front gate. Cars, tools, books, newspapers, pots, plants, bottles, furniture, clothes, hats, food, condiments, the list goes on. In this type of environment carers are faced with the challenge of being able to work safely and respect the person’s home and their choices.

“We may own the things in our home but they own us as well” ‘Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things’ by Dr Randy Frost

Carers may not know the history of how the person has developed attachments to their possessions. Each item could have significant meaning, or represent an event or special time in that person’s life. The value of an item may have increased over time and may have been with a person through good times and bad. How does a carer approach their work if their role is to tidy and clean the house or assist in the removal of items from the house?

A good way to begin to understand the emotional attachment to possessions is for carers to ask themselves “Could you pack up all your things into one suitcase and leave your home forever?” Most people would probably respond that they may find it difficult but ultimately they could do it. However if we added another layer onto this and considered that some of the items we were leaving behind had belonged to family members that had passed away, or were given to us 60 years ago, or came from the old cinema that we attended as a child or represented a significant time in our life, we begin to understand the emotions that these items may represent.

If Cire carers understand that items have memories attached to them they can then start to discuss some of these memories with the person. It can be a very slow process and sometimes an acknowledgement of an item’s significance can assist a person in being able to let it go. It takes a lot of patience and understanding to work in this environment. Cire In Home Carers are very experienced in this area and are able to support people to remain living independently in a way that is safe and respects their right to choice.

If you would like to learn more about the services Cire In Home Care offer call 1300 835 235. If you are interested in a career in the aged care industry, Cire Training offers Certificate III in Individual Support.