Who stole my kid? The words of a parent

At Cire Community School, we strive to provide our students with an inclusive and safe environment that fosters their growth and development. We truly value the feedback and support of our community, which is why we were thrilled to receive an email from one of our parents, Nicole. In her email, Nicole expressed her gratitude for our school’s positive impact on her daughter, Amy, who attends our Lilydale campus. These kind words brought a smile to our faces and reminded us of the important work we do at Cire Community School. We are grateful to be a part of the communities we serve and look forward to continuing to provide a valuable educational experience for our students.

Hello, Staff at Cire.

Ok, who really stole my anxious child? A child who hated school? A child who said,

“If you don’t let me go to Cire, I will drop out of school and just work at my burger shop every day.”

I wanted to share something from a parent’s perspective with you. Amy has always hated school. The only time she liked going to school was in the very first year of prep.

In her previous all-girl school, Amy was just a number with stupid parents who forced her to wear a, as Amy would put it, “Stupid itchy, daggy, school uniform”.

Amy had friends. But she is like her mum in the way that too many friends are overwhelming, and one good friend is better than many or no friends. Friends would come and go, and she would make a new friend, but then they changed schools or were not the right fit for her. She was never a nerdy kid who wanted to read a book, she was just a child finding her way through life.

Over the past two weeks of school holidays, we have hardly seen Amy. She has been either working 30-plus hours as an assistant store manager at Burgertory in Boronia, at Melbourne Cheer Academy, driving to get her 130-driving practice in, or visiting past and present peers from Cire.

Our 16-year-old child, who suddenly has grown up, is independent, self-motivated and has many kindhearted friends.

So who is this kid? Where did she go? How did she grow?

I strongly believe the opportunities she has been given at Cire in the 1st term have changed my now young lady (most of the time) and have helped her so much in becoming a young adult. Yes, we still get attitude at home. She cannot follow more than one instruction at a time, like Amy, pick up your shoes and put them in your room. We still have to say, “Hey Amy, remember your shoes? Where do they belong? She can not see anything right in front of her face. Or when she is driving the car and slows down in the roundabout because another car is coming towards her, and if I tell her to keep going, she will scream at me, “Mum, I know”.

For the very first time in her education, Amy said,

“Mum, I’m really excited to go to school tomorrow, I can’t wait to see my friends, and I can’t wait for new challenges.”

She also said,

“This is the first year I have been invited to other people’s houses for sleepovers or just to chill. Normally, I am the one who invites people to our house.”

I want to thank you all now because I know she wants to go to school, she is happy at school, her social life is now a proper social life, she has changed in a positive way (most of the time), and I love how she engages with the staff and students at Cire. I wish we had found you earlier.

I know Amy has a long way to go academically, but I think she is trying.

From what I can see, she is happy and healthy at school, home (sometimes), cheerleading and at work, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

From a mum of a very sassy 16-year-old. Her mum, Nicole.

We want to thank Nicole for her valuable feedback and for permitting us to share it with all of you.

In other good news, the school has recently acquired a new campus in Monbulk, previously Mountain District Christian School. This new addition to the school’s campus list is set to open its doors in early 2024, just in time for term 1. We’re inviting expressions of interest from prospective students and families now; click here to submit your interest. With this new campus, Cire Community School will undoubtedly continue to provide its students with an exceptional learning experience.


5 Reasons Why a Career in Tourism is Right for You!

Despite the effects of the pandemic, travel and tourism is a sector that has recovered and displayed exponential growth as soon as the lockdown was removed. We as humans love to travel, and that’s why no matter where we come from, travelling is a passion shared by the entire world! In the year ending September 2022, the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges tourism region experienced a year-on-year increase in domestic overnight spend (+107% to $393 million), equalling $554 spent per domestic overnight visitor and $269 per visitor night. Domestic overnight expenditure represented 50% of the total expenditure for the region in the year ending September 2022.* 

A career in Tourism can be the perfect gateway, and here is why: 

1. Global opportunities 

The tourism industry is among the fastest-growing areas of employment in the world. These jobs are available locally and internationally, so the world is your oyster! 

2. Transferable skills 

Education in tourism provides students with a well-rounded knowledge base. This includes business and marketing fundamentals, events/project management, sustainability, cross-cultural awareness, and so much more! These skills are useful for a variety of different careers. 

3. Make an impact 

With more and more people travelling each year, it’s important to understand the impact this has on our environment, cultures and communities. Tourism has the potential to make the world a better place, by addressing staff shortages to increase the local economy and maintaining hotspots in a sustainable manner. 

4. Flexibility 

Job seekers are looking for even more flexibility in their work schedule; that is exactly what you will find with a career in tourism! Tourism is not a 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday industry; it’s an ‘always on’ sector where you have the choice to choose jobs where you’ll be working days, nights, weekends and weekends. 

5. It’s fun! 

Ever notice how people in the tourism industry always seem to be smiling and having a great time? It’s because a career in tourism is so much fun! When you are exposed to new things and meet people from all over the world every day, life becomes an adventure. 

*Source: Victorian Tourism Statistics year ending Sept 2022 

Kickstart your career in tourism with Project Cire.