Vote for Good360 CEO to show our thanks

Cire and all those within our reach benefit enormously from the generosity of the Good360 network and now’s the time to show our thanks.

Good360 founder and CEO Alison Covington is a finalist in the prestigious Third Sector 2021 CEO of the Year Awards and every vote counts. It’d be great if we could all show our support, and appreciation, by voting for Alison below. Voting closes on Friday.

Good360 is a not-for-profit that helps repurpose items of value and surplus new goods to Australians who need them most. The goods come from Australian companies and manufacturers with Good360 operating as a matchmaker with registered NFPs like Cire to assist with distribution. Driven by a philosophy that one person’s extra is another person’s essential, Good360’s goal is to also ensure that nothing new and useful lies unused or goes to landfills. By 2025, it is hoped that $1 billion of new goods will be delivered to Australians in need.

Those within Cire’s reach have benefitted enormously with goods valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars distributed through Cire Early Learning, Cire Training and Hubs, our Community School, and First Impressions Clothing Exchange. Items have included Lego, Jamie Oliver kitchenware, LÓreal products, clothing, footwear and accessories from companies like Big W Lilydale and Yarra Trail, hand sanitiser, face masks and anti-bacterial cleaning products, and gift packs for people of all ages.

Click here to learn more about Good360 and how they can support NFPs and registered charities.