Look what Simone found on her way to work

One little duck went out one day, over the road and far away, Mother Duck said quack, quack, quack, quack, but the poor little duck never did come back. Instead our Customer Service Officer, Simone, found this fluffy little duckling in the middle of the road on her way to work on a cold September morning. Unfortunately, Mama Duck was nowhere to be found and Quacky had no family to run to.

Being found in the middle of the road and in danger of being hit by a car or attacked by a dog, Simone opted to scoop him up and bring Quacky with her to work at Cire Services in Yarra Junction. A box and a blanket were found and this little duckling, an Australian Wood Duck, was placed in a quiet space. The Upper Yarra Wildlife Rescue Network (UYWRN) was contacted and the situation explained. The rescue network, run by a bunch of dedicated volunteers, quickly organised that someone would meet Simone at our Cire head office and organise for the duckling to be taken to a carer in Healesville, who specialises in the care of birds.

Whilst waiting for the UYWRN volunteer to arrive, Quacky got a bit distressed in his box. Simone was able to comfort Quacky by wrapping him in her scarf and keeping him warm against her chest. Simone and Quacky assisted customers and staff members and even answered a few phone calls together.

Members of the UYWRN can quite often be found at the Warburton Bakery around 9am on a Saturday morning. If you’d like to find out more, or become a supporter of the network, pop in to see them or visit their Facebook page to find out more

And please remember to be especially careful on the roads in spring time, when there are lots of Mama Ducklings trying to navigate our roads with their ducklings!

“I was lucky enough to cuddle up with this little quacky at work this morning. Rescued from the middle of the road, mama duck was nowhere to be found. Luckily, we have a fantastic local wildlife rescue network that I could call on. They happily came to my work and picked up Quacky. Now that is a great group!” Simone