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Seen and Heard – Boy to Man

A new photographic series of our young men

The transition from boyhood to manhood is a beautiful as well as challenging one for any young man. Our boys of today are the men of tomorrow and it is important they are supported in managing this transition with respect, dignity and grace.

With the generous support of an RACV Foundation Grant, Cire Community School is partnering with local and international photographer Kate Baker on a new project to make portraits of a number of our young men at both Mt Evelyn and Yarra Junction school campuses. Using an old fashioned large format film camera, Kate is making meaningful and authentic portraits of our young men aged 15-19 and talking with them through that process to seek insights into their views of society.

Why is this important? Our world has changed substantially over the past 10-20 years. The internet and mobile telephone alone have radically changed the way we connect with others, both within our own society and across the world. We are always available and always accessible. We are in some ways far more visible, yet at the same time we might find we are more anonymous than ever.

These are our young men within the communities of Yarra Junction and Mt Evelyn and this project seeks to make sure they are both seen and heard. Our young men have value to bring into the community, some have had challenges which has actually meant they seek meaning more deeply. Over the course of the next few months we plan to share with you portraits of some of these young men and a little glimpse into their views of the world we all inhabit

It is clear that boys who have experienced challenges early in life, some of whom may have already experienced issues such as depression, homelessness, family breakdown, mental health issues, or substance abuse, can suffer as a result of isolation from the community.  This project aims to give students a voice and empower them to feel they can be productive members of the society.  The project aims to change the boys’ view of themselves as well as changing community perceptions of them.  We want to introduce our community to these young men and to encourage them to feel both “seen” and “heard”.

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Seen and Heard – Boy to Man Facebook page 

Cire would like to thank the RACV for funding this project and Kate Baker for her contribution and dedication.

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A splash of colour for Cire Services

Cire Community School Personal Development Skills Art group (PDS) has worked diligently this semester to beautify the back of the Community House (now Cire Services). The project was based on the topic ‘Change’ and the students researched how they could depict (through art) the community changing over time. The PDS Art class worked in teams; problem solved and had lots of fun to achieve these excellent results!

The seats were painted to display the aboriginal heritage of the area. The designs near to and on the BBQ represent an ‘old world’ theme and the board on the wall depicted a present or modern theme. The floor was also painted to represent the mechanics of change – moving and pushing through time.

The art students decided to use spray paints on the back board to represent the modern idea of street art. There was debate around the social issue of graffiti in our class and a question about the community liking graffiti or street art and the difference between the two. Students wrote a survey and found that people in the community didn’t mind street art as long as it wasn’t vandalism or tagging such as graffiti. The students went further and even wrote a letter to the local council to get a graffiti wall for people to express their street art styles. The local council will be visiting us next semester to discuss this matter and the students would like to change their perceptions and promote street art as a new and modern art form.

Overall the courtyard of Cire Services looks amazing, bright and vibrant. Making a positive change to the once dull and boring walls, seats and BBQ area. A fantastic job done by the PDS Art group at Cire Community School!

“Our class worked really hard to reach our goals and I think we all did a great job.” Steffany  – VCAL Student

“The project went really well. We all pulled together and the finished outcome was great.” Zoe  – VCAL Student

“I enjoyed spraying the street art wall.” Robert – VCAL Student

“It was fun! I like letting my imagination run wild.” Crystal – VCAL Student

“Its Wicked” in regards to the students project. Robert (Student of Art group)

Cire Community School offers a full range of educational services for local young people that require an alternative to mainstream schooling. For further information click here or call 1300 835 235