Image of the Yarra Junction Kindergarten kids at the Hillcrest Fire Station

Never too young to learn about fire safety

The UYCH Yarra Junction Kindergarten children visited the Hillcrest Fire Station last week. They were greeted by the brigade members and each child had their very own turn of squirting water from the hose putting a big smile on all their faces. Our educators Maddie, Sarah and Suzie had a go at well, Sarah knocked the tub over with her hose and everyone thought that was very impressive.

It was extremely exciting when all the children were given a tour of the fire truck and even got to sit in the truck. Then they embarked on a trip inside the station and learnt about making a fire plan and that when there is a fire they need to get down low and go, go, go!

The children were introduced to a member of the brigade who was wearing a breathing apparatus and we listened to the funny sound it made. They learnt not to be scared and that fire fighters help us. They called out “Fire Brigade” and everybody yelled “I’m here”

The children were even made a delicious morning tea and including Milo which was a big hit. Overall a brilliant time was had by all and they gained appreciation for the great work our fire fighters do in order to protect our community. The children had loads to say about the day, here is what some of them said:

“My Favourite part was squirting the hose. I liked it when the tubs fell over”

“I loved going in the fire trucks and hearing the sirens and seeing the lights and I liked the show bag the most”

“I loved squirting the water and seeing the lights”

“We squirted the hose and then we had a look in the fire trucks and we saw the fire car and we dipped a bickie in our Milo”

“We practised what to do in a fire. You have to duck and crawl out to the letterbox. And we did funny jokes like can you hide in the toilet?”

This is our first excursion to a fire station with a kindergarten group and thanks to the Hillcrest Fire Brigade it won’t be our last.  The children had there best time so thank you to all involved, we can’t wait till next year.

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