Our case-workers can help you reconnect with employment through training, education and ongoing support

The Reconnect Program is a free service that aims to support people engage in education and employment pathways.

Reconnect takes a holistic approach to help participants build the confidence and skills they need to complete an accredited qualification of their choice.

The Reconnect Program is a Victorian government-funded initiative to support people experiencing challenges such as unplanned unemployment and who are:

Aged 17 to 64 and have not worked or studied in the past six months

Who work or study eight hours or less per week

Asylum seekers aged 17-64. A person without citizenship but holds a valid Bridging Visa Class E (BVE) or Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV), or Temporary Protection Visa (TPV), or Humanitarian Stay (Temporary) (Subclass 449) Visa (449)

Aged 17 to 24 and have been or are currently on a Youth Justice Order

Out of home care aged 17 to 64.

A person that has a current or previous experience with Child Protection

*If you don’t fit these criteria, please still enquire, as an exemption may be available.

How can Reconnect help me?

Reconnect participants benefit from a dedicated case manager who works with you to identify your educational goals and develop a plan to get you there. We provide:

Ongoing support  – Mentorship and support for up to 18 months including referrals to other support services based on participant’s individual needs, for example, mental health and housing support.

Connection with community – Help expand social networks and connecting with the community.

Personalised goal planning – Support people to identify pathways and remove barriers to achieve long term goals.

Gain access to training  – Help provide access to a broad range of introductory programs so participants can find what interests them and develop new skills to support reconnection to employment and study.

How can I find out more?

Give us a call to discuss your needs and how we can support you to get back on track. Meeting locations can be either at our Lilydale, Yarra Junction or Chirnside Park locations. For further information call 1300 835 235 or email us today.

Did you know?

Did you know? The Reconnect program is a Victorian government-funded initiative that supports Victorians who may be faced with barriers in these changing times, such as unplanned unemployment. The program assists participants to connect with education and training to upskill to be better prepared and supported for employment and the changing jobs market.

The aim of the Reconnect program is to support individuals to identify and overcome barriers, connect with community-based supports and develop learning and employment goals.

Through a person-centred, strengths-based approach Cire Services offers dedicated case managers who can support participants in developing their individual pathway toward achieving their goals through education, re-training and employment. While with the Reconnect program, participants receive regular contact, support and encouragement to achieve their personal goals. Sometimes the journey to reconnect with education, training and employment involves further support from other local agencies to assist in areas such as wellbeing, connecting with the community, developing confidence to succeed in planned goals.

At Cire Services, Reconnect participants are able to access a huge range of pre-accredited courses to help build the skills to succeed in vocational qualifications that can lead to employment in local industries. Case managers take a holistic approach and have a wide knowledge and skill base to assist with connection to community-based support services and the capacity to assist with employment and training pathways where required.

Victorian State Government

“Cire has been life changing for me and it is so inspiring to know that I am helping make a positive difference to the lives of others through my work as a trainer. It’s amazing to see how the support we provide helps empower people through greater confidence and personal growth.

I love the variety of subjects I deliver through Reconnect and seeing the pride of participants when they create awesome food in my cooking classes or those ‘light bulb’ moments in my English and Maths groups with people connecting and learning together.” Lisa, Reconnect Trainer