For a limited time you could be eligible for funding

Are you interested in returning to study, but can’t afford the full fee? Well there is good news. Cire Training, being a Learn Local organisation, is offering funding for eligible individuals commencing courses before 31 December 2016. If you previously have been ineligible to access Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG) funding, the Victorian Government has granted a limited time exemption to criteria for some individuals.

If you are trying to access funding for training using the VTG Funding, there is usually a number of eligibility criteria you are required to meet. Two of those criteria are;

Upskilling: Individuals over the age of 20 may only enrol in a course that is at a higher qualification level than the highest qualification held at the time of the scheduled commencement of training);

For example, Rachael has a Certificate IV in Disability and has been working in the sector for a number of years. She is now thinking of a career change to early childhood education and wishes to do Certificate III in Early Childhood and Education and Care but she cannot get the Victorian funding since she already attained a Certificate IV qualification, which is above Certificate III level.

Two in a lifetime: Individuals may only commence a maximum of two government subsidised courses at the same level within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) in their lifetime.

For example, John enrolled in Certificate III in Aged Care accessing Victorian government funding and withdrew after a couple of months. He then enrolled in Certificate III in Business Administration again accessing the funding. He withdrew from that course as well after a few months before completing. Now he cannot enrol in any Certificate III level courses accessing the funding in his lifetime based on the eligibility requirements of the funding.

If you were unable to access funding because of any of the above requirements, Cire Training may grant an Eligibility Exemption to the ‘upskilling’ and/or ’two at level in a lifetime’ eligibility requirements for up to 15% of their Victorian Training Guarantee course commencing before 31 December 2016.

Speak to us TODAY and see if we can help you to meet the eligibility exemptions and therefore pay less to access our high quality training to achieve your goals.

Notwithstanding the above, Students are required to undertake Cire Training’s Pre-Training Review. All other eligibility requirements remain in place and are required to be met by students. Cire Training will offer guidance on the best training to undertake to improve job outcomes and complement previous training undertaken. In providing exemptions, preference will be given to training that meets identified skills shortages and localised labour market needs.

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A wander and a chat in the ECOSS gardens

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the UYCH Community College Horticultural Industry Taster course students at ECOSS in Wesburn. I found the students in the herb garden where they had just started a learning activity about biodynamic treatments for soil. The trainer explained, “The students need to mix the treatment by hand, stirring continuously for one hour, in order for the treatment to activate correctly.” Students who were not mixing, closely timed each person and swapped ‘stirrers’ after every five minutes or so.

David from ECOSS walked me around the property pointing out the fabulous activities that the students had completed and continued to tend to this term.

The main garden had an impressive compost production centre the students had helped to construct during the term; the rich compost has already been used on several of the ECOSS garden plots.

Not too far from the composting area there were newly constructed keyhole gardens. David and Shaun had the students experiment with either, a brick and concrete design or a rock and concrete design. Gardeners will now be able to reach all areas of the garden with ease, what a great garden design. There were even a few little vegies growing in the beds with some of the handmade, home (ECOSS) grown compost giving those little vegies an extra nutrients boost.

To the side of the keyhole garden beds, there was a bamboo pole tepee that measured well in excess of two metres.

David explained, “A few weeks ago the students planted snow and sweet pea seeds directly into some of the ECOSS made compost, which makes up the informal garden bed at the base of the teepee, and now the peas are climbing and weaving their way up the bamboo stakes. It really won’t take too long for there to be an entire canopy of snow and sweet peas covering the large framework. It sure will make for a brilliant little hideout for some visiting children to discover.”

David pointed me in the direction of the vegetable plot and left me to explore alone as it was his turn to mix the biodynamic treatment. I wandered over to the vegie plot where Glen, one of UYCH’s students, had just finished turning over an area of rich and very fertile soil. There were still some remaining winter vegies growing, which had lovely vivid colours of greens and purples. I’m certain, the last of the winter vegie crops, have by now made a welcome addition to someone’s menu creations.

I found my way back to the herb garden where the stirring and mixing had continued, along with lots of chatter and laughs from the students. I would have loved to have stayed all day and shared in their laughter and learning.  It definitely was a superb way to start the day with a wander and chat in the ECOSS garden.

Article by Nina Bekker – Team Leader Pre-Accredited

If you enjoy getting your hands dirty and working outdoors, then click here for further information on how UYCH can help you kick start a career in horticulture.


Community houses working together

SWEY Project – Community Houses Partnering together to provide more learning opportunities in the Yarra Valley.

The Seville Community HouseWoori Community House and the Upper Yarra Community House recently received funding from ACFE (Adult, Community and Further Education) to explore the possibility of developing a partnership. One of the aims of the group is to be able to deliver more courses to people who live up and down the Warburton Highway.

The project name, SWEY, is a play on words, coming from the individual Community House locations, Seville, Woori, Mt Evelyn and Yarra Junction, SWEY.

The UYCH Mt Evelyn campus recently held a workshop which included representatives from each of the three community houses and was facilitated by Sue Gold, who is an independent business advisor. The workshop focused on the values of the Community Houses and how they support learners within each of their communities.

There is a second workshop planned in the coming months in order to decide on the type of partnership that could work for the three Community Houses. So watch this space……

“This funding has been a fabulous opportunity, giving the community house leaders time to come together and think about possible ways that we can all help support each other and our respective communities.” – Nina Bekker, UYCH

“This project has given the three Houses the chance to come together and form the beginning of a valuable partnership which could lead to resource sharing, bringing accredited training to the Valley and hobby courses to the Yarra Junction region.” – Vicki, Seville Community House

“Woori Community House is looking forward to working together with Seville and Upper Yarra Community Houses on the SWEY project to enrich the lives of local community members.” – Sonja, Woori Community House

“The funding has helped the SWEY group with big sky thinking time, opportunities to be creative, thinking outside the box, possibilities of delivering something different, and above all keeping the focus local.” – Nina Bekker, UYCH

For more information on the Seville and Woori Community houses, visit the links below:

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