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Study tips

It’s a big step to make the decision to get back into study when you haven’t studied in a while… it can be overwhelming.

It can make you start to doubt yourself and question whether it’s all worthwhile, but we can assure you that it is.

You may experience challenges and have some fears about studying again, but there are many ways to overcome them. The key is to be organised so here are some tips to help you successfully gain the qualification of your choice.

1. Make the Time
You need to make time to study, add it to your schedule. Allow this time to focus on your study.

2. Schedule Everything
Include school dates in your appointment/diary including when assignments are due. If using electronic devices schedule reminders to ensure deadline and commitments are met.

3. Make Your Situation Known
Discuss at the start of the course any barriers you may have to completing the qualification. Come up with a plan to achieve your goal with your trainer.

4. Use the Buddy System
Study buddies are a great idea, because you’re accountable to someone other than yourself. They can also give you someone to discuss what has been covered in class.

5. Make Study Time a Family Event
Make a time where everyone is doing their homework. You can lead by example and show them how important it is to study.

We hope these tips are helpful and remember trainers are here to assist so if there are any road blocks that need addressing, talk to your trainer who will be happy to assist you.

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