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Words from our students

UYCH Kitchen Skills’ students were asked to write down one word each that describes how they feel about their Introduction to Kitchen Skills class. These words reflect just how important everyday livings skills are to the people in our community and the need for social interaction. Not only are cooking skills essential to a healthy lifestyle, the social aspect of these classes help bring people together who have a common interest and a need to get out and socialise. Students enjoy picking up tips and cooking in class but it is the social aspect that really shines through. Every Wednesday morning the Mt Evelyn campus smells like a scene out of Master Chef as the students prepare the day’s dish, but is is the activity that can be heard which highlights the positive atmosphere generated in this class, here are what some of the students have to say about this popular class.

“This course has helped me at home and with life skills.” Josh

“I like socialising and meeting people which has built my confidence.” Trudy

“I now have lots of recipe ideas and best of all we get to sample everything at the end of the class.” Heidi

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Dishes prepared by the students