Rachel's story - Overcoming anxiety through creativity

Rachel’s story – Overcoming anxiety through creativity

Rachel has achieved remarkable success through her love for dance and her exceptional creativity. Her achievements include a well-deserved nomination for this year’s Arts, Music, and Culture Celebrating YOUth Award, presented by Cr. Sophie Todorov at the Yarra Ranges Council YOUth Awards night. Additionally, Rachel received the prestigious Cire Community School Courage Award at graduation.

In 2023, at 17 years old, Rachel joined Cire’s Lilydale campus to combat her significant anxiety. Her parents sought alternative schooling options and discovered Cire despite the commuting challenges from Mt Waverley. Over time, Rachel’s confidence grew, and she conquered the hurdles of public transportation, making it an integral part of her daily routine.

With her impressive talent in Calisthenics, Rachel overcame self-doubt to share her abilities within the school community. As a newcomer, she fearlessly enrolled in the Performing Arts program at Cire, driven by her desire for personal growth and love for the arts. Rachel approached this journey with unwavering enthusiasm, consistently pushing her limits and fully engaging in every task.

Her triumph over these obstacles not only fostered personal growth but also earned recognition from her Performing Arts teacher, school faculty, and peers. Rachel’s commitment was evident through her involvement in organising a Performing Arts Immersion Day for primary-aged school students and her courageous performance at a school formal, where she conquered self-doubt and took the lead in choreography.

Rachel’s success in reengaging with school can be attributed to finding a safe learning space that catered to her interests and needs. This enabled her to gain confidence, overcome shyness, and achieve impressive accomplishments. Her mother, Kimberly, expressed pride in Rachel’s achievements, highlighting how Cire provided a safe space for her to flourish.

During the school holidays, Rachel conveyed her heartfelt gratitude to her teacher, acknowledging her growth in self-awareness and ability to grasp choreography swiftly. This self-assessment showcased remarkable maturity and awareness of how far she had come.

Hi Flick, Just wanted to send you a little email to show my appreciation for you this term. I don’t think I show how grateful I am to have you as my Performing Arts teacher. Even though I think you’re over-dramatic about how good of a dancer I am. I genuinely appreciate the encouragement and the support you show towards me in every single class. I really don’t think I would have had the confidence to do this duet without you by my side the entire way. I am noticing more and more things I can do and how fast I’m picking up the choreography. I Am SO excited for next term and our upcoming performances, thanks Rachel.

From once being the shyest student to becoming a leader within the Performing Arts community at Cire, Rachel’s journey is truly inspirational. Her unwavering dedication is evident as she overcomes transportation challenges and never misses her Friday Performing Arts class. This commitment and newfound confidence have opened exciting opportunities, including her upcoming participation in a workshop at ‘Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance’, an esteemed dance academy.

Rachel’s love for animals complements her passion for dance, as she aspires to build a career involving animals. Currently, she finds joy in working part-time at a doggy daycare centre.

Her transformation from anxiety to eagerness in the face of opportunities speaks volumes about the power of self-belief and determination. Rachel’s story is a testament to resilience, showcasing what can be achieved when one embraces their true potential. She is not just a student; she is a shining example of what is possible with the support of a community that believes in her abilities.

Image: Left to right – Kimberly (mother), Rachel, and Mark (father)

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