CEL families benefit from Inger Rice-supported pilot

CEL families benefit from Inger Rice supported pilot

Cire Early Learning (CEL) has been greatly encouraged by how children and their families benefit from a pilot program where we appointed a part-time Wellbeing Coordinator, thanks to funding support from the Inger Rice Foundation for the pilot initiative.

CEL has been increasingly aware of the need for a wellbeing educator to offer readily accessible support to children, educators and families to address some of the challenges we are experiencing post-COVID.  We believe a holistic approach will help maximise the delivery of better outcomes for children and their families and communities.

Diletta Lanciana, CEL Executive Director, explained that “big” behaviours in children have increased post-COVID and that it was important to provide early support to minimise the risk of other issues and disengagement from their educational journey and help optimise their overall health and wellbeing.

 “COVID babies are experiencing difficulty with playing with their peers and socially connecting with each other. This has been particularly evident in our toddler, pre-kinder and kinder rooms and has also been reported sector-wide through the many partnerships and networks in which we are involved”.” Dilettta said.

Thanks to the Inger Rice Foundation funding, CEL appointed Wellbeing Coordinator Amanda Ball (pictured with a parent), based at Mount Evelyn, one day a week. Amanda has been supporting families, children, and staff and providing referrals to external agencies where needed.

Diletta commended the Foundation for its commitment to strengthening families and communities, as well as providing young children with early interventions where needed and minimising the risk of future problems and disengagement from their learning and social connection.

The Inger Rice Foundation was established in 1972 by Mrs. Inger Rice AM.

Inger Rice lived in Canberra from 1969 until 1973 with her husband, Walter Rice, the then Ambassador of the United States of America to Australia. Impressed by the care given to her by the Canberra Mothercraft Society following the birth of her son, she decided to establish a foundation that promoted relationships between parents and their very young children.

The Foundation provides funding to Australian charities and not-for-profit organisations whose programs support the development of relationships between parents or carers and their children from birth to primary school age.

In 2015 Inger Rice received an Honorary Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of her contribution to the welfare of Australian families through the work of the Inger Rice Foundation.

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