Kayla’s Courageous Journey to Achieving Her Dream – Part 2

In mid-last year, I had the privilege of meeting an extraordinary young woman named Kayla. I posted Part 1 of her story, where she shared her inspiring journey of moving from her hometown of Cairns to the Yarra Valley, where she enrolled at Cire Community School. This move marked a significant turning point in her life, reigniting her passion for education and setting her on a path toward a promising career in finance. I recently caught up with Kayla again to see how she is progressing toward her dreams.

Rediscovering Passion Through Education
One of the most remarkable aspects of Kayla’s story is her unwavering passion for numbers. This passion has guided her toward a career in finance, a field she believes will provide her with opportunities to make a significant impact. At Cire, Kayla found the encouragement and support she needed, which became the springboard for further study and employment. Her focused approach to achieving her goals is a testament to the power of re-engagement in education. By re-entering the educational system with renewed vigour and purpose, Kayla has been able to carve out a path that aligns with her career aspirations.

I sat down with Kayla to discuss how she was doing since we last spoke.

An Exciting Career in Finance

Q. The last time we spoke, you opened up about the difficulties you faced personally and how finding a supportive school environment such as Cire was the first step to making a positive change that eventually led to a career in finance. How is that going?

A. I’m in my second year at Business Services By Ren (BSBR) and still enjoying my evolving role. I’ve been mentoring new team members and training them on our procedures, performing some compliance tasks, and project managing the implementation of new software to improve efficiencies. I’ve had great opportunities, such as training and attending seminars.

“It has been a pleasure being Kayla’s manager for the past 2 years; she has fitted into the BSBR team very well. I see great potential in her future, and I firmly believe she has what it takes to achieve her vision – to advance her career through education and achieve career success.” Rennae Baker, Director – BAS Agent & Accredited Bookkeeper, Business Services By Ren (BSBR)

Mentoring and Gaining Confidence

Q. How do you find mentoring and training others?Kayla’s Courageous Journey to Achieving Her Dream – Part 2

A. I’m really enjoying it, but I’m so young, and having to train people older than me can make me feel a little awkward at times. However, we’re all doing the same role, so age shouldn’t come into it. I know it’s all about confidence, and I have it. I’m just learning along the way.

Q. It seems like BSBR have a lot of faith and trust in your ability and value your input.

A. It’s rewarding to know they have confidence in me and see the value of my contributions. I work with a great team of like-minded people, including one who is also studying at Swinburne; we even share some of the teachers. Collaboration and connecting with others are extremely important to me and I enjoy that part of my role immensely.

Academic Progress and Future Plans

Q. How is your studying going? The last time we spoke, you had completed your Certificate IV Bookkeeping and Accounting, followed by the Diploma of Accounting, and had commenced your Bachelor of Business, specialising in Accounting and Financial Planning at Swinburne University.

A. I’m now in my second year with only one year to go. My grades have been good; I received high distinctions, which I was thrilled about. I’m looking forward to my third year as it won’t be so theory-driven; more industry experience and hands-on, which I prefer. I’m also considering changing to Deakin to be closer to home and work. Working full-time and studying takes up so much of my time, so reducing travel time would give me a better work-life balance.

“Kayla is highly motivated and driven, demonstrating a strong desire to continue her studies in her chosen accounting field. She possesses exceptional time management and organisational skills and constantly displays her ability to balance multiple responsibilities with grace and efficiency, consistently meeting deadlines and exceeding academic requirements. Kayla’s disciplined approach to studying and her ability to maintain focus amidst the many challenges she faced is truly commendable.” Jackie Castuera – Coordinator Accounting and Bookkeeping – Swinburne University of Technology

Personal Growth and Mental Health

Q. How about on a personal level, how are things going?

A. After four long years, I was finally in a financial position to see a psychiatrist. In the past, I had been misdiagnosed with Bipolar and depression when all along I had ADHD. Having a clear picture of what I was dealing with was such a relief. I’m on medication that has been life-changing. Since then, I have been doing some research, and ADHD is so common. I read the book The Year I Met My Brain by Matilda Boseley, which helped me understand my prognosis and gave me the tools to manage it. I would recommend that book to anyone wanting to know more about the subject, as it is comforting to learn from others experiencing the same.

Q. Have things improved since your diagnosis?

A. It has been a game changer, honestly. I now understand why I struggled with theory sessions. My attention span ran at half speed; now it’s full throttle. Just being able to focus and not be so distracted made such a difference. I feel like I lived in the dark for so long, and now the lights have come on. This is what it is like to be normal; it’s a pity it took so long. This is where our mental health system fails; waitlists are way too long, and the time it takes to get the correct diagnosis finally can have a negative effect. I was able to get through it by having goals, but if I knew what I know now, it would have been so much better.

“That is so good to hear. I really take my hat off to you for sticking it out and achieving so much during that time. You should be really proud of yourself.”

Strengthened Family Bonds

Q. How are things with your family? Have you been able to catch up with them?

A. Yes, I have travelled to Cairns twice, once for Christmas and again in February. My relationship with my family is much better. They have been really supportive. Things are really starting to fall into place.

Conclusion: A Testament to Resilience and Determination

Kayla’s story is living proof that having a goal and staying focused will take you further in life than anything else. Despite facing countless challenges, she has never lost sight of her dreams, reaching her goal of graduating, pursuing further education, and starting a career in the finance sector. At Cire, we are privileged to be part of her journey and cheer her on every step of the way as she continues to achieve new heights of success.

Kayla’s bright future reminds us that the key to achieving our dreams is staying focused and never giving up. Her story is a true inspiration, proving that anything is possible with hard work, resilience, and a positive mindset.

By sharing Kayla’s story, we hope to inspire others to follow their dreams and take the necessary steps to achieve their goals.

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