Leadership initiative to drive continued Cire success

Cire Services has launched an innovative Leadership Program to help drive the future progress of the organisation as one of the largest and most respected not-for-profits in the region.

Core to the success of our organisation, Cire’s leadership team comprises leaders from every area of the business including Corporate, Children’s Services, Community Hubs, Education and Training and the Community School. With our focus on continuous improvement, education and professional development, Cire’s Leadership Program 2019 was launched on 19 June.

“With such diversity in our business units and our people, it was essential to build a program that suited Cire specifically. A cookie cutter approach just wouldn’t work as effectively for us,” says Melanie Fisher, Senior Manager – People and Quality.

The Leadership Program was developed from a workshop for the Executive Leadership Team, run by Melanie.

The day focused on drawing out and establishing the leadership traits that are important to Cire, and vital to a Cire leader. The style of learning was also discussed at length and the types of programs that have helped Executives to progress their careers.

Five leadership traits were identified:

Leadership initiative to drive continued Cire success


  1. Values Driven
  2. Aware of Self and Others
  3. Motivational on the Journey
  4. Accountable for promises and outcomes
  5. Authentic

From there, three core program modules were developed:Leadership initiative to drive continued Cire success

  1. Knowing Ourselves
  2. Connecting with Others
  3. Business Ready

To be authentic and self-aware as leaders, our people need to understand more about themselves, their style, which makes them better leaders and individuals. We commenced the program with an employee satisfaction survey to measure what people thought of the business, levels of engagement and commitment and what needed work.

With great delight, we engaged Kristen Hansen from enHansen Performance to speak to the team about the neuroscience of leadership and performance, and Heather Smith from Nourish Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching will give insight into managing stress through better health.

Leadership initiative to drive continued Cire successTo supporting leaders in connecting with others, and being motivational on the journey, an internal mentoring program will be introduced as well as ‘spotlight talks’ from each leader about what they do within Cire. Presentation skills training will be key to helping our leaders deliver their messages effectively, and a values alignment program run by CEO Gus Seremetis will give valuable insights as to what living our values looks like day to day. Jarred Kellerman, our Business Support Manager and registered psychologist and Melanie Fisher, a registered counsellor, will be running a program on active listening.

Being Business Ready cements our learnings into operation. Training on leading teams and professional networking skills will get the team ready and refreshed to put their knowledge of themselves, others and the business into practice. To further show how well we can work as a team, a Cire Cook-Off (Masterchef style!) will finalise the program at the year.

The program runs over six months, and Cire is excited to show support for its people, to support their success now and into the future. This, in turn, helps us better support our community, to add value to our programs and work towards our values of quality, respect and integrity.

Cire Services is a not for profit organisation. We are committed to investing our profits in improving service deliveries. Facilities and staff proffesssional development.