Kindergarten children being taught African drumming

Drumming to the beat of Ghana

The youngsters at the Children’s Centre had loads of fun recently when Fredrick Kpakpo Addo came to visit. Fredrick, who recently moved to Melbourne, brought his 20 years’ experience as a performer of music and dance to Mt Evelyn. Travelling the world with his performing arts Fredrick shared traditional West African drumming, singing, and stories with the children. All were eager to get involved and couldn’t wait to have a go on the sticks with many busting a move to complement the beats.

“Fred captivated all the children’s attention with his enthusiasm through music and song. It was fantastic.” Rachael – Classroom Assistant 

Fred showed great enthusiasm, and delighted in entertaining as he taught the children some traditional drumming rhythms and songs, at one stage the flute even made an appearance. These activities are a great way for the children to express themselves through performance art. UYCH encourages projects like these which has the children learning about culture in other parts of world.

“My favourite bit was when we danced” Adele – 3 years old

“I liked it when we hit the drums and sang “Africa, Africa”, then “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” Jillian – Classroom Assistant

“I love it when I was an elephant” Ben – 4 years old

Afterwards the children’s inquisitive little minds had an abundance of questions about life, the food and the differences in culture in Ghana.

This experience has links to the Early Years Learning Framework that UYCH incorporates in their programming. In particular to the community outcome, where it states that children respond to diversity with respect and gain awareness of other cultures and beliefs.

“I loved learning about the cultural dress and food of Ghana.” Ange – Kindergarten Teacher

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