Muddy puddle fun to help children worldwide

Muddy puddle fun to help children worldwide

Yarra Junction Children’s Centre recently participated in the “Peppa Pig’s Muddy Puddle Walk”, a virtual event for children, families and organisations to help children worldwide caught up in the horrors of war and natural disasters.

The annual Save the Children Fund initiative gives our children the opportunity to experience the joy of giving to others while also learning about children around the world and their challenges.

Muddy puddle fun to help children wordwideCire’s whole centre, from the nursery room to the kindergarten program, participated in the fund raiser through an engaging program at our bush block organised by our wonderful educators. From water play, to muddy puddles to exploring our world with curiosity, wonder and interest, Peppa’s Muddy Puddle Walk was a great way for our children to be active and to connect and experience with their natural environment.

The children were really engaged and had a great time playing and discovering new things in their surrounds such as insects, plants, leaves and branches.

The Save the Children Fund runs programs in Australia and around the world dedicated to helping children access education and reach their full potential. Whether in a remote part of the world, in a refugee camp or after a natural disaster, the organisation ensures children can continue to learn in a safe and positive environment.

In recognising how education in the early years impacts on how a child learns and develops, the fund’s key priorities focus on strong literacy and numeracy skills.

The fund facilitates training of teachers and offers support and professional development to ensure children receive the best education possible:

“We believe every child deserves a healthy start to life, an education and the chance at a better future. But millions of children around the world are missing out through no fault of their own.”

Apart from the fun of being involved, supporting the Muddy Puddles Walk helps provide education and opportunities for better outcomes to children who may be experiencing turmoil in their lives from crisis such as war and natural disasters.

As Save the Children states, “Education can be a powerful catalyst for change. It brings hope and a sense of normalcy, even in the most unusual circumstances”.  At Cire, this is something we really believe in and this supports our vision “to enhance the lives, capabilities and opportunities in our community”.

For further information about this fantastic cause, visit Muddy Puddle Walk

If you would like to know more about Cire Children’s Services click here or call 1300 835 235

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