Role playing worthy of an Academy Award

Have you ever thought how hard it is to move people that can’t move themselves? Helping them perform everyday tasks that we sometimes take for granted. Yesterday our Certificate III Aged Care and HACC students were busy role playing to learn how to do just that.  Their tutor Naomi acted as their director by presenting best practices and real life scenarios on how to move and lift people using a slide sheet and hoist. Then it was time for the students (actors) to have a go. Playing both roles to the best of their ability (carer and client) they gained the skills needed to confidently move people respectively and without causing too much discomfort. Many laughs were had along the way especially when the students were playing the role of the client (Meryl Streep step aside), here is what some of our students had to say about the day’s session:

I loved the way it gave me an idea of how the client felt. Seeing it from both perspectives was really beneficial – Bev

The session today was very hands on, which is the best way to learn – Trisha

Backing up theory with practical tasks is what I enjoyed the most – Karen

Getting to know and using the equipment was a highlight for me – Cheryl

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