Heather helps Cire extend its reach to Bali

Cire Services Inc. has spread its reach to Asia thanks to the big-heartedness of Heather Dryden who is currently in Bali helping empower young people through education and other support services.

Heather, from Yarra Junction and a Cire employee, is volunteering with Peduli Sesama Philanthropic Work (PSPW) which is part of the Aura Sukma Insani Foundation in northern Bali.


Before her departure, Cire and some of its staff raised $500 which has gone a long way in to buy books and other school supplies, toiletries and food for the schools run by the foundation and those in remote villages. Heather has also dipped into her own savings and just last week bought a wheelchair and bedding for two people bedridden by their harsh working lives.

Similar to Cire, Peduli (care) Sesama (others) offers a broad range of flexible learning opportunities and services to meet the needs of local people of all ages experiencing socio-economic disadvantage. PSPW provides education with an emphasis on mastering the English language, health services, house building projects and other diverse forms of support. It has a bilingual kindergarten and primary school and also delivers vocational training in hospitality and tourism for high school graduates from remote and poor farming villages.


Heather, who works for Cire’s Reconnect/Women’s Warehouse and cooking programs, has taken annual leave to volunteer in Bali. She was determined to ‘do her bit’ after visiting an orphanage while holidaying in the popular tourist destination last year.

‘It has been such a humbling experience,’ she told her daughter Jen Carlyon who works in marketing at Cire Services Inc. in Yarra Junction.

‘Everyone is so appreciative of any support… They are happy and always give thanks even though they struggle through life…. It is so hard not to become emotional. I have had a lump in my throat a few times.’

To ensure a good education, children are sponsored through their early school years in their villages. They can then progress to the PSPW’s live-in Tourism And Home Assistant Program (THAP) where classrooms are converted to sleeping quarters for the students at the end of each day.

Since its inception in 2010, THAP has become well respected within the tourism sector providing well trained young staff to hotels and resorts throughout Bali.

‘We are so proud of our graduates who are able to help their families financially because they go into good jobs in the popular tourist areas like Kuta, Nusa Dua, Legian, Ubud, and Lovina.’ said Nyoman Sukadana, PSPW’s founder-director.

He added that Peduli Sesama relied on the generosity of others to help sponsor young people in their educational journeys. Annual sponsorship for each child is $150 for kindergarten/primary school; $170 to $200 for secondary school, and $350 for THAP.

‘The foundation impacts so many lives,’ said Heather. ‘Without this sort of education and support these young people and their families would not advance in life.’

Heather is happy to talk to anyone interested in volunteering with Peduli Sesama or sponsoring a student. She can be contacted by email at

Cire Services would like to thank Heather for her dedication in making this happen.