Monkami and Cire Training – a partnership making a difference

Monkami and Cire Training – a partnership making a difference

The Monkami program was created in early 2022 through a partnership between Monkami and Cire. Initially, the program was a pilot that took place during term one and focused on teaching everyday life skills through fun and engaging activities. Since then, it has evolved into a comprehensive ‘Everyday Living and Learning Program’ that covers life skills, literacy and numeracy skills, exciting topics, and creative activities. The program has been a resounding success, with students enjoying excursions and outings and developing a deep understanding of essential life skills.

Monkami learners have recently been welcomed as a new addition to Cire’s monthly community meals. This provides an incredible opportunity for the learners to build connections and socialize with other members of the community while indulging in a delicious meal. The monthly event also allows Monkami learners to integrate themselves into Cire’s community and become a valued and appreciated part of it. These events nurture the learners’ personal growth and enhance their social skills, making them feel even more confident and motivated. Cire’s community meals are an excellent way to bring people together, and the inclusion of the Monkami learners is admirable, creating new opportunities for everyone involved.

“For us at Monkami it’s critical that we’re able to provide our participants with extraordinary opportunities and by partnering with Cire we’re able to achieve just that.” Jill Christie – CEO of Monkami

Our learners are eagerly anticipating each week’s class, where they are encouraged to actively engage, participate, connect, and learn. Moreover, our commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment means that our learners can relax, be themselves, and have fun while at it. We understand that learning can be challenging and even intimidating at times, so we work hard to foster an environment conducive to growth and exploration. So when our learners walk through the door, they know they’re entering a space where they can thrive and achieve their goals.

“It’s an absolute joy to teach this group and we’ve created such a healthy, supportive environment. I’ve already seen so much progress with our learners, it’s a great partnership.” Karina Stone – Pre-accredited Trainer/Youth Worker

Monkami and Cire Training – a partnership making a difference

“I love coming to Cire, it’s amazing. I love everything we do here and I am always happy to be here. We have so much fun!” Steven – Participant

“I enjoy coming to Cire because work we do in class keeps my mind active. It’s lots of fun.” Matthew – Participant

“I love learning new things and doing the work Karina gives us every week. We always have fun activities, worksheets and games to play. I really enjoy spending time with everyone here.” Brendan – Participant

This unique approach to education has positively impacted many students’ lives, equipping them with tools and knowledge that will serve them well in the future.

If your organisation would like to discuss future partnership opportunities email or call us on 1300 835 235.

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