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A career that won’t feel like work

Find the right career and it won’t feel like work at all

Mark Twain once said “The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.”  Ben Di Battista has achieved this.

Ben is 21 years old, he lives in Wandin and is so grateful for having managed to complete his Horticulture apprenticeship at the National Rhododendron Gardens in Olinda.  Upon completing it, his dream had come true, where his passion for horticulture had become his job.  The variety from one day to the next is what kept him energised and excited.

Today he continues to be involved in guiding and teaching work experience students and enjoys it so much that he is now studying with Cire in order to obtain his Certificate IV in Small Business Management in the hope that one day he will own his own nursery.

Cire Training encourages people just like Ben to turn their passion into a job.  Horticulture is an appropriate skill set to have in today’s economy.  It would create stability for future employment as food sustainability is growing in importance on a global scale.  Knowing how to manage a garden to not only be sustainable but to also produce food is a highly valued skill.

As stated by P. Wise’s research in 2014 titled Grow Your Own– The potential value and impacts of residential and community food gardening, Australia’s high rate of urbanisation means that most people experience a significant disconnect between their food production and consumption. Over several decades, suburban gardens have ceased to be major sites of food production and Australians reportedly have a declining understanding and appreciation of how their food is grown. Recent years have seen a renewed interest in the quality, provenance, freshness and price of food, driving a companion interest in Australians growing their own food at home or in community gardens.

Cire Training offers industry qualifications across Horticulture, Animal Studies, Early Childhood Education and Care, for further details on courses starting in semester 2 click here.

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