The Lost Teddy Bear

The Lost Teddy Bear

This story started at a delightful Teddy Bears Picnic at Yarra Junction Recreation Reserve. The picnic was one of two hosted by Cire Services Inc in the Upper Yarra and Chirnside Park to celebrate National Children’s Week.

The Lost Teddy Bear – by Simone Whitehead

Molly and her friend Skye were very happy to be going to the Cire Teddy Bears Picnic in Yarra Junction. Molly knew that Skye would enjoy it because there would be other teddy bears for her to play with.

They had so much fun! Molly sculpted with play dough, made a teddy bear badge, threaded beads, painted a plaster mould, blew bubbles, sang nursery rhymes, played the drums and much more!

That night, Molly was so happy but as she was getting ready for bed, she realised Skye wasn’t with her. Molly couldn’t remember when she had last seen Skye. Oh no! Where was Skye?

As it happened, Skye had been separated from Molly at the Teddy Bears Picnic. Skye had been so busy blowing bubbles that she hadn’t seen Molly move on to the next activity. Skye was suddenly all alone.

Luckily, a lady found Skye and kindly reassured her she would be safe until she was reunited with Molly. Despite looking everywhere, the lady couldn’t find Molly so she took Skye home where her daughter made sure Skye wasn’t scared, particularly at night.

First thing in the morning, the lady was able to contact Molly but they couldn’t meet for two whole days. The lady reassured Molly that Skye was being well looked after.

The next day the lady and Skye went to another Cire Teddy Bears Picnic. This time at Chirnside Park Community Hub. The lady was one of the organisers and Skye was keen to help with all that had to be done.

Skye had loads of fun making badges, painting plaster moulds, watching the Flying Bookworm theatre show and even offering to drive the local fire truck back to the station! She was a great help. That night she slept so well and felt safe knowing the lady’s daughter was taking such good care of her.

The next morning Skye awoke with great excitement. Even though the past couple of days had been fun, today was the day that Skye would be back in Molly’s arms. Skye loves Molly so very much and Molly loves Skye just the same.

It had been a wonderful adventure, but Skye was delighted to be home again.

The Teddy Bears Picnic 2019

Molly and Skye reunited

The End

Photos by Grant Schoenmaker

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