For employees

Firstly you need to be working in the industry that you are wanting to do the traineeship in. You MUST be employed permanent part-time for a minimum of 13 hours per week.

The employer is entitled to incentives to compensate for the trainee. To be eligible the trainee has to be a new employee based on the following:
  • Full-time (0 – 3 months)
  • Part-time (0 – 12 months)

For more information on traineeship incentives contact your local apprenticeship centre.

No, as long as you are working in the industry that you are obtaining qualifications for.

Once you have permission from your workplace you can contact Cire Training to discuss your options further. Cire will make an appointment with you and your employer to discuss the process. If you and your employer agree to proceed we will provide you with the paperwork to ensure that your employer receive their incentives within 6 months if they are eligible.

You may be eligible to apply for RPL if you have evidence of knowledge and skills achieved that meet the competency requirements of your chosen qualification. Applicants may be awarded full or partial qualifications based on their RPL assessment. If you have previous qualifications, work or life experiences and would like to discuss your eligibility further be sure to mention it in your pre-enrolment interview.

Payment of the study materials is due on enrolment with a minimum of 20% of the course fee. Payment plan options are available, your enrolment officer will assist you in this area.

This depends on the qualification that you wish to undertake as a traineeship. All traineeships are a minumum of 6 months in duration. You will work with you Trainer/ Assessor to establish the length of time it may take for you to complete the traineeship.

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For employers

There are a few criteria’s that you need to consider for the employee

  1. They need to be a Resident of Australia, holding a green medicare card
  2. No Higher Qualifications, to the one they are wanting to do as a trainee
  3. The staff member cannot be casually employed
  4. Employee needs to be employed minimum 13 hours per week permanent part time to fulltime.
  5. Newly employed

No they can only do the traineeship in the industry that they are employed in.

Yes, in some industries this is acceptable, particularly in children services where a staff member can be employed to work with children without qualifications, as long as they start their traineeship immediately, this is then called working towards.

It is vital for the employer to understand their workplace regulations for their industry.

It is up to the employer, some employers pay, others do not give the employee that option, others use the government incentives to pay towards the fees.

This is entirely up to each employer.


Yes, CIRE has had trainees sign up to do a Cert III once they finished they sign up to do a Diploma in the same industry.

Cire can organise the whole sign up.

  • Including the Apprenticeships people
  • Training with Cire Services, including enrolment paperwork
  • Payments can be made either in person to the nearest campus or over the phone