Welcome boot up for students

Welcome boot up for students

WorkWear has again given students at Cire Community School (CCS) a boot up in the form of OHS-compliant footwear.

Students need sturdy work boots as part of their personal protective equipment (PPE) to gain hands-on experience at external sites for Vocational Education and Training delivered to Secondary School Students (VETdSSS) and other skills-based electives. VETdSSS areas include Building and Construction, Automotive, Horticulture, Public Safety (firefighting operations), Electrotechnology, Wine Operations and Animal Care.

CCS student Mim Smith was delighted with her new protective footwear and happy to use nature’s catwalk (see photo) to put her best feet forward to model them.

‘These boots are so comfortable and so great to have for my Horticulture placements,” enthused Mim who commenced VCAL this year and is undertaking Animal Studies and Certificate II in Horticulture.

Mim said her placements would not be possible without the WorkWear boots because of OHS-compliant footwear requirements. They have helped boost her confidence to get hands-on experience and explore realistic employment opportunities in Animal Studies or Horticulture close to home in the Yarra Ranges.

“It is so good to be able to be hands-on after all the Covid restrictions and knowing that I am getting on with my life. I love working outdoors,” Mim beamed.

Karen Swankie, CCS’s VET Careers & Pathways Leader, said protective, safety footwear is essential for students gaining off-site experience.  Steel toe boots and shoes provide protection and help prevent and/or reduce the severity of injuries that may occur in the workplace.

“It is important to wear safe and comfortable boots as they are worn all day long and can protect students’ feet from damp and soggy workplaces.  Wearing supportive and well-made work boots prevent injuries and the potential of long-term podiatry issues,” Karen explained.

She said CCS was extremely appreciative of WorkWear’s support, including a previous generous donation of quality work boots.

Many of CCS’s young people experience vulnerability at many levels, including socio-economic disadvantage and other challenges. They and their families struggle to cover the cost of extras such as work boots.

“Many families are doing it tougher than ever with the rising cost of living, but the need for protective footwear mustn’t become a barrier for our students to continue their learning pathways towards brighter futures, particularly given the impact of the pandemic and disruptions to their education.”

Having the correct PPE makes students feel the part boosting their self-esteem, confidence and enthusiasm in their work.

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