Cire Students in top gear with Variety bikes

Cire Students in top gear with Variety bikes

Students at Cire Community School’s Yarra Junction campus are enjoying a major upshift in gear, thanks to the Variety Bikes for Kids program.

Cire Students in top gear with Variety bikesThe fleet of 25 bikes is providing students with many diverse benefits ranging from additional opportunities to connect with each other and develop and share an interest, assist with self-regulation, encourage leadership and responsibility, and help reinforce the overall health advantages of exercise and being outdoors. The bikes also give students the “wheel power” and independence to explore and discover more about their local area, as well as learn skills such as safe riding and bike maintenance. An added bonus for the Yarra Junction campus is easy access to the popular and picturesque Warburton to Lilydale Rail Trail.

Teacher Steve Fleming said, “The bikes are a fantastic resource, enabling students to extend their learning beyond the classroom and enjoy the beautiful local outdoor environment.”

“When you are surrounded by such natural beauty, it is a real treat to be able to witness it up close as you ride through it. Students will soon have the opportunity to study it too, looking for platypus dens and observing birdlife.”

So far, bike sessions have been limited to 90 minutes as students build their stamina with the goal of an extended ride to Warburton at the end of the term to celebrate their academic and personal successes.

The following student comments highlight some of the benefits:

“I feel good about going bike riding. It’s fun to ride bikes instead of being in a class; you can go fast.” Tom, Year 7

“I enjoy riding the bikes, especially at the skate park, because it’s fun riding the jumps. I like riding the bikes with my friends.” Aiden, Year 8

“I enjoy going to the skate park on the bikes. You can do jumps and go fast.’ Blake, Year 8

“Bike riding is good because of the skate park and fitness; it is better than being in a classroom.” Kai, Year 7

Campus principal Jacqui Walker said the school was incredibly appreciative of Variety’s support and that of the corporate sponsors for the bikes plus locks and helmets; and AusCycling, MRP Wired Solutions and Turosi Giving, who helped build the bikes on site. AusCycling also delivered a bike education program.

“Something as simple as a bike benefits our students in so many ways, now and for the future,” Jacqui said

At Cire Community School, we believe that every child deserves access to quality education and youth programs that inspire and engage them. This is why funding for initiatives like the Variety Bikes for Kids program is so vital to our mission. With additional financial support, we can provide our students with opportunities that go beyond the traditional classroom setting, helping them to learn important life skills and develop a passion for learning that will serve them well in the future. By investing in our youth, we can help create brighter futures for the youth in our communities. Click here for further information on Cire Community School.

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